Eighth week

In my last week we met together with our group and got our certificate handed. We adopted our organization at the same time. Also, I got on Sunday a new roommate. On Friday I took advantage of the day to swim. Since Friday was my last working day. We celebrated this with my colleagues. Thereafter I said goodbye. On Saturday we flew back to Berlin.
6.9.15 23:14

Seventh week

In the last week from 24/08 - 30/08/2015 there were operatively much to do I have completed tables, create user accounts and call flows The weather was pleasant but often rainy. As always I am meeting with my organization on Thursday On weekends I have enjoyed my time at the beach and even made some errands Now it's the last week.
31.8.15 11:18

Sixth Week

This week was technically work like any other. I have user accounts and devices in the special program we created to use for work.

On Saturday I had finally begun my trip to the "Cliffs of Mohr". it was a very impressive day (6.50 - 19 clock).
As always I have in between skyping with my parents.
And I was this week as often happens on the beach and have the tides observed. I could make myself understood this week with very many people in English. However, I also have a strong accent.


23.8.15 14:06

Sechste Woche


Diese Woche war arbeitstechnisch wie jede andere. Ich habe Useraccounts und Geräte in dem speziellen Programm das wir zum arbeiten benutzen erstellt.


Am Samstag hatte ich endlich meinen Ausflug zu den "Cliffs of Mohrs" angetreten. es war ein sehr schöner Tag (von 6.50 - 19 Uhr).

Wie immer habe ich zwischendurch mit meinen Eltern geskypt.


Und ich war diese Woche wie so oft am strand und habe die Ebbe und Flut beobachtet. Ich konnte mich diese Woche mit sehr vielen Personen auf Englisch verständigen. Allerdings habe ich auch noch einen starken Akzent.



23.8.15 14:02

Fifth week abroad Internship Dublin

This week I went as usual from Monday to Friday. At work everything went like clockwork. On Tuesday we visited a customer in the north of Dublin. On Monday I went to the swimming pool. As always, I telephoned the evening with my parents. I had a trip to the "Cliffs of Moher" book this week. This Sunday I want to participate in this tour. Now there are three weeks left, I want to remain here. I want to visit many museums etc.
I'm curious what still bring the next three weeks with him.
15.8.15 15:57

Fourth week

The Monday was a public holiday. On Tuesday I had with a company with a customer request. The customer was a college. Our task was to configure IP phones. A specific software to the phones upload.
This week I was walking in St.Stephens Green. Today I looked at the shopping center near the St. Stephen's Green.
Yesterday I was bathing in the beautiful and imposing Atlantic.
The water is very salty.
8.8.15 23:20

Three weeks ago

Now three weeks have passed since I'm here. Last Friday we visited a customer. It was a college. We have connected IP phones and retrieve their IP address. The patch cable we connected to the RJ 45 interfaces. On Wednesday I had the tide on the beach of Dublin observed. The weather is very rainy here.
2.8.15 19:09

2.8.15 18:13


The third week is passed. In this week I was with my company at a costumer.
2.8.15 17:04

24.7.15 10:46

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